Festool at Ogilvie’s

Ogilvie’s is the area certified dealer for the Festool line of power tools and vacuums.

Festool has a reputation for unmatched value through quality, precision, and service. Because of this shared dedication to value, bringing in Festool’s full line of products to our store seemed only a natural fit.

Festool makes power tools for craftsmen who demand unmatched performance and precision. You aspire to make each project better than the one before it, and Festool is there to help you constantly push forward. Each of their tools is German-engineered with careful consideration for what craftsmen need to be at the absolute top of their game. Their tools work well alone, but they work even better together — creating a system that allows you to work smarter and more efficiently.

There are other brands to choose from, but only the precision and efficiency provided by Festool allows you to save time, work more comfortably and earn more from your work.

Festool stands behind its tools — offering a generous warranty and service plan and providing superior customer service — because they are committed to quality and committed to craftsmanship.